In order to deliver to high quality and on time we rely on a broad team of experienced, senior specialists. The scope of services we offer is comprehensive and will be applied according to the demands of each project. It includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Business Analysis

  • Lack of clarity and poor process make the transition from business vision to technical reality inefficient and stressful.
  • Our Business analysts will first understand the substance of your business vision and then translate this seamlessly into the languages of architecture, software specifications and requirements.
  • With decades of combined experience, our team of experts will analyze the data you make available, prepare all necessary documentation and ensure the road ahead is well lit.

Project Management

  • Our project managers carry out the complex task of coordinating all processes, creating a frictionless workflow across the entire project cycle. With a competent project manager in the driving seat results come on time and as described in the specifications


  • Being user friendly is not just nice, it’s business critical. Sales, monetization, lead generation, image and reputation all suffer when digital assets are not well conceived. This is why from day one everything we do goes under the microscope of usability. We see our responsibility in delivering outstanding user experiences and we do this by getting all the simple things right.
  • Good UI/UX specialists not only have an innate feeling for good design, they understand the demands of design based on context. We will leverage your business using the power of intuitive application design

Product Design and Management

  • For large or technically highly complex projects, a produce/design manager brings organizational efficiency. Our product managers help clients to build the right product and then support the business side in selling it. They can also provide a product vision and the leadership necessary for many other roles involved in developing, supporting, marketing and selling the product.

Hard&Embedded development

  • We can offer professional hardware development engineering services for modern electronics as well as the design and tracing of printed circuit boards
  • Our hardware development department works with a whole number of processor architectures, interfaces and memory types. Their task is to implement whichever current technologies best assure performance and product success
  • Having a single company responsible for both hardware and embedded software development can lead to greater efficiency, improved integration, more efficient debugging, and greater accountability. This approach can be particularly advantageous for complex systems where the interaction between hardware and software is critical to the system’s overall performance

Software Development

  • Flexyti has successfully completed 100+ web and mobile projects across a multitude of industries. Immediate access to a wide range of modern technologies and best project management practices means we provide our clients with solutions that best fulfill their business demands.
  • It’s worth noting: we are not just coders. Management ensures that coding will be done by developers who understand, respect and are driven by our client’s business goals

Integration (IOT)

  • The benefits of a combined approach that integrates hardware, embedded software, and web solutions into one IoT system for end users and businesses can be numerous.
  • The list is long but some of the most attractive benefits are:
    • Increased Efficiency, Improved Decision Making, Enhanced Flexibility, Improved Security, Cost Savings, Improved Customer Experience, Greater Innovation: An integrated IoT system can provide a platform for greater innovation


  • QA exists to establish processes that ensure high quality results, because unstable products kill business. With expertise in a whole range of industries, we have established and run robust testing mechanisms and practices geared to your specific business goals.
  • Our holistic use of QA services covers all stages of SDLC. From requirements gathering through to maintenance. Being a part of QA, testing is aimed to check software’s functional, performance, security, and other aspects.


  • If we’re going to create a high quality product together, why not do it properly? We can begin by insuring your whole code base shouts at all search engines and start the quest for findability in the most fundamental way
  • Need commercial rocket fuel? No problem. We have a team of SEO/SEM specialists with decades of experience driving client success across a wide range of industries.

How We Work

We work on the principle “Fixed price projects”
From the very beginning, we will agree on:

  • An accurate description of the product derived from its purpose
  • An overview of project development in terms of financial requirements and time frames
  • An aerodynamic system of communication facilitating control and predictability without unnecessary overhead
  • A failsafe quality control system

There are two scenarios in which
fixed price projects are done

“ I know what I want! ”

You can explain in sufficient detail the following:

  1. What is the finished product?
  2. What is the full tech stack?
  3. How will product development be handled both sides?
  4. Who and how will handle requirement management?

In this scenario, we’ll give you a price.

“ I have a idea of what I want. ”

  1. We’ll listen to your story and present you with a comprehensive proposal.
  2. We’ll create a vision and agree on process, tech stack, team composition and costs.

We’ll talk, estimate then talk again until we can commit to a binding
proposal. In any case, we’ll talk through the above aspects with you in
as much detail as required to achieve clarity.

Time saving should achieved by operational efficiency, not at the
expense of clarity.

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with us!

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